Just have a grilled time with us

We have an old-fashion service and both modern and traditional dishes. This combined with a South American atmosphere.
Only the best ingredients are used to assure the quality of our food.  Our steaks are grilled to your liking by our professional grillers: rare, medium, well done. So you will be served from the grill like it should be.


At Rancho we practice what we preach. And that is the right meat for the right price, grilled in a traditional way. This is what we preach since 1981 and will keep on doing. Our heritage is something you can enjoy in our four restaurants in the heart of Amsterdam.


We believe that having a good time starts with a smile. We are a family of grillers that does everything to get that smile. We are passionate about a good atmosphere and we do everything behind the scene's to get that flavour on your plate.


Every year we search for the right piece of meat for the right price. This journey gives us a fine selection from different suppliers from South America. The combination between these different suppliers gives us the variation of pure quality. We always have the right pieces of meat that gives us just one last job. Grill it in a traditional way in the way how you would love to have it. Served with love and side dishes how you would like it.

What are you doing tonight?

Are you wondering through the city, exploring and sight seen. Or you just have a day out and shopping? Are you a local and just want to have a good bite. If you want to dine long or short, have a lunch or a diner. We can provide everything for a great night. Just one thing that you really should keep in your mind. If you are hungry or thirsty. If you want to be amazed by our quality. Our four restaurants are the place to be. Always around the corner in the heart of Amsterdam.